Two-Location Podiatry Group Slashes Inefficiency, Sees More Patients, and Improves Results with Single Solution

Shortly after taking over two of the Rockingham Foot & Ankle’s locations in 2013, Dr. Ivan McKinney and his staff soon realized they could no longer tolerate the inefficiencies that arose from using the outdated, client-server based practice management (PM) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems they had inherited. In addition to the lack of integration between the two systems, Dr. McKinney and his team was looking for a trusted RCM partner to help all alleviate some of their heavy administrative workload, particularly around billing.


In Search of A Single PM-EHR Solution with 24/7 Access


Rockingham’s original PM and EHR system lack of communicate with each other and having to log in to each separately, was causing major drains on staff efficiency and causing significant patient wait times.


Since the systems were client-server systems (servers housed on-site at the practice), the Rockingham team couldn’t access them from outside the office, making it difficult to complete critical tasks on the go.


Having to “search and search and search” to find information and not being able to customize workflows was causing scheduling mistakes and serious strains on practice productivity.

“For me, CareCloud has been a breeze…Before, we used to use post-it notes or emails to coordinate tasks. Now we create and manage tasks right in CareCloud.”

Donna Branch, Office Manager



Rockingham Foot & Ankle has experienced a big impact from the combination of CareCloud’s software and services, particularly when it comes to patient volumes. The two offices now efficiently schedule, document, and bill for more than 700 patient visits per month through the CareCloud platform. That is at least 15 to 20 more patients a week.

The group is not only bringing in more revenue now, but they’re also seeing it come in faster. In fact, they’ve cut Days in Accounts Receivable (A/R)—the average number of days it takes to obtain payments—in half. “CareCloud has made it easy to call our patients and remind them about appointments and we’ve reduced no-shows as a result,” Donna says. “Before, we had to go in one system to find the patient’s phone number and another to find the appointment. CareCloud puts it all in one place so our process is efficient.”


Switching to CareCloud has enabled Rockingham Foot & Ankle to operate more efficiently and care for more patients, while achieving strong results. Plus, the team finally has the flexibility that comes with 24/7 web-based system access. Now that the group has the right solution in place, it’s poised for continued growth – and continued productivity.

“Moving to Concierge took a lot of the billing workload off of us…It frees us up to do all of the other stuff that needs to be done.”

Donna Branch, Office Manager

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