Pulmonology EHR, practice management software and revenue cycle management services

Solutions to Help Pulmonologists Breathe Easier

Are some of the challenges of modern pulmonary medicine – long hours, time-consuming administrative tasks and the stress of ICD-10— reducing your practice’s vital capacity?

These factors contribute to the significant work-related stress reported by about 2 in 5 pulmonologists.¹ Nearly two-thirds of pulmonologists report an accumulation of administrative tasks that consume 10 or more hours every week. Another 21% spend more than 20 hours plowing through the pile.²

While satisfaction rates are still higher in pulmonology than other specialties (almost 60% of pulmonologists would choose a career in medicine again and 39% would specifically choose pulmonology²), mounting pressures put these numbers in jeopardy.

Technology to the Rescue

Fortunately, an effective health IT solution can increase efficiency, help you boost profitability and lighten your administrative workload. It might even help you get home at a reasonable hour. CareCloud Central, our modern, cloud-based practice management solution, does this by streamlining your key pulmonology administrative and financial tasks. Think of this intuitive system as a command center for your practice. You can quickly view and update your schedule, easily keep your patients’ information organized and up-to-date, and effectively bill payers for services.

When integrated with Charts, CareCloud’s flexible EHR system, the benefits expand — allowing you to enhance your productivity and patient outcomes. Whether you’re treating someone for acute bronchitis or COPD, Charts helps you document visits efficiently so you have more time for patients.

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Pulmonology on the Go

Although Central is all about practice efficiency, it doesn’t end there. If you’re like most pulmonologists, you treat patients in multiple settings throughout your day. As you move from the practice to the hospital and back, take CareCloud Companion with you. View your schedule, complete tasks and optimize your efficiency whenever and wherever it works best for you.

Less Pain In Getting Paid

With CareCloud Concierge, our comprehensive revenue cycle management (RCM) solution, you can also offload much of the heavy lifting when it comes to pulmonology and critical care billing and collection responsibilities. Let our specialized back-office RCM team take on the critical yet tedious administrative hassles required to secure payment, so you free up more time for patients.

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Better Financial Results with Less Effort

CareCloud Central allows you to boost efficiency and increase revenue with just the right amount of feedback from our robust business analytics tools. Learn how you can improve your collections and cash flow.

Faster Charting

Whether you’re administering pulmonary function tests or helping a patient manage sleep apnea, CareCloud Charts’ rapid charting capabilities and intelligent task management can make your life easier. Find out how you can chart more efficiently and stay on track for Meaningful Use incentives.

Health IT that Meets the Needs of Pulmonologists

At CareCloud, we understand the unique needs of pulmonologists and how to alleviate your financial and administrative challenges. With the considerable changes arising from healthcare reform, pulmonologists need smarter, faster and intuitive health IT software now more than ever. Our cloud-based portfolio is built to work seamlessly with your practice, helping you enhance efficiency, patient care and profitability.

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