The Hawaii Immunization Registry is a secure computer system that stores and tracks patient immunization records and makes them available to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers.

Please contact the Hawaii Immunization Registry to begin the enrollment process.

The Hawaii Immunization Registry is a secure, confidential, population-based computerized system that contains immunization information for individuals of all ages in the State of Hawaii. The childhood, adolescent, and adult immunization schedules have become increasingly complex as new vaccines are added and recommendations are updated. The Hawaii Immunization Registry has the capability to instantly assess participating patients’ immunization status and create reminder/recall notices for immunizations that are due or overdue. As individuals and families move or change healthcare providers, the Registry will consolidate their immunization records, making them easily accessible to new immunization providers while ensuring that patients receive the immunizations that they need and that they don’t receive unnecessary vaccine doses. The Registry is a valuable tool for the management and reporting of immunization information for parents/guardians, public and private healthcare providers, and state public health professionals.

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