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A Full Range of Solutions for Orthopedic Surgery

Two out of five orthopedic surgeons report professional burnout, with declining reimbursements, rising costs, and ‘too many bureaucratic tasks’ among the primary contributors.¹ Add to these everyday challenges the financial uncertainty from the Affordable Care Act and the switch to ICD-10, and it’s understandable why nearly half of orthopedic surgeons feel this way.

With financial and business pressures mounting in private practices, orthopedic surgeons need help to stay independent. The solution? Modern, cloud-based software and expert services that give orthopedic surgeons the flexibility to run their practices the way they want.

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Cloud-Based Software for Orthopedic Surgeons

Are you and your staff spending more time at work because of outdated, fractured technology? CareCloud Central, our modern, cloud-based practice management solution, puts you in greater control of your schedule, billing tasks, and financial performance. CareCloud Central is a lot more than orthopaedic software. It’s an intuitive command center to streamline your workflow, boost revenue, and position your practice for the future.

With CareCloud Central, you’ll have the administrative and financial tools you need to run your orthopedic surgery practice effectively—from flexible scheduling that lets you view and book multiple resources—exam rooms or the OR—to powerful specialty-specific billing rules that help you minimize denials. Plus, our business analytics give you the precise insights you need to keep your practice on track today, while preparing for future changes.

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A Flexible Orthopedic EHR Solution

Central also integrates seamlessly with the industry’s top orthopedic-specific EHRs, so you can further boost productivity. Whether you’re evaluating a strain, fracture, or torn ligament, tailored orthopedic EHR software helps you efficiently document encounters, quickly implement care plans, and easily attest for Meaningful Use.

Manage Administrative Pains

If you’re like most orthopedic surgeons, you spend considerable time tackling paperwork and other administrative hassles. In fact, more than one-third of your colleagues devote 15+ hours every week to tedious administrative tasks.² CareCloud Concierge is the perfect solution to ease your administrative pains. Our back-office revenue cycle management team (RCM) includes orthopedic billing and collections experts to manage key parts of your revenue cycle – from submitting claims to issuing patient statements – so you get peace of mind that these time-consuming, but critical tasks are getting done.

With Concierge, you’ll also get the piece of mind that comes from knowing you’re not navigating through monumental changes like ICD-10 alone. Our RCM team and your designated client manager will help you stay on top of the shift, so you can minimize disruption to your practice.

While other practices are watching a surge in denials, we’ll help you keep your denials to a minimum and, for those that are unavoidable, we’ll handle the rework required to get you paid.

Find out how CareCloud can deliver:

Enhanced efficiency to keep you independent

Accepting a hospital’s offer for employment or fusing your practice with another is not your only business survival option. Learn more about how our modern, cloud-based solutions help you stay independent.

Solutions for greater mobility

CareCloud Companion, our mobile practice management app, easily keeps you organized and up-to-date in the office, ambulatory surgery center or hospital. Find out how Companion helps you manage your practice on the go.

Reduced administrative hassles

More than one-third of orthopedic surgeons spend 15+ hours a week on routine administrative tasks. Learn how outsourcing critical but tedious duties to our Concierge Revenue Cycle Management experts makes sense.

Health IT that Meets the Needs of Orthopedic Surgeons

At CareCloud, we understand the unique needs of orthopedic surgeons, splitting your time efficiently between care settings while treating a wide range of patient conditions and steering your practice through a shifting healthcare landscape. Our smarter, faster and more intuitive cloud-based portfolio is built to work seamlessly with your practice, helping you enhance efficiency, patient care, and profitability.

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Read our Customer Story. Find out how one large orthopedic group moved to the cloud, and learn their tips for success.

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