Miami, FL – November 11, 2009 – Just 45 days after its launch, CareCloud, a healthcare IT company based in South Florida, was 1 of 4 technology companies selected as a finalist in the “Small Business of the Year” category of the 7th annual ITFlorida Awards Program.

“Florida offers a dynamic technology community to tap into. The daunting task of building CareCloud’s software platform would simply not have been possible without the talented software developers we have in Florida,” said Albert Santalo, CEO of Carecloud. Santalo continued, “CareCloud’s software is built on Open Source technologies, which have given the Company the ability to develop an incredibly robust platform that is highly differentiated from that of incumbents. Florida’s highly entrepreneurial economy is ripe for continued development of Open Source software solutions.”

ITFlorida, an organization comprised of public and private technology leaders, is committed to establishing Florida as the leading high-tech State in the country and increase competitiveness in the international market. The ITFlorida Awards Program recognizes innovation and creative technologists. Participants in the Gala will include State CIO David Taylor; Dr. Ken Ford, Chair of the NASA Advisory Council and Director of the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition; Roger Berry, CIO for Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide; and representatives of numerous other small business and IT-enabled corporations throughout Florida.

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