New technology removes physician practice barriers to conducting video visits

MIAMI – June 28, 2017 – CareCloud, the platform for high-performing medical groups, today announced the launch of CareCloud Telemedicine, a fully integrated solution that includes built-in insurance eligibility checking and scheduling tools, a unique pay-per-visit pricing model, and one-click activation. Simplifying clinical workflows, this approach to telemedicine seamlessly connects the dots between efficient practice management and secure video visits documented within the EHR.

CareCloud’s research finds that, while patients and doctors largely support telemedicine, there are major hurdles to ambulatory telemedicine in the practice back office — where the technology poses more process change headaches than revenue cycle management (RCM) opportunities. Of the 922.6 million total U.S. physician office visits in 2016, only 1.2 million were telemedicine visits. With a back-office-first focus, CareCloud is on a mission to make telemedicine mainstream by making it more accessible to medical practices.

“Medical practices across the country have been telling us that they want telemedicine but were uncertain about the ROI and how to overcome the complexities of easily integrating video technology into their current workflows,” said Ken Comée, CEO of CareCloud. “Our approach reduces friction and lowers the barrier to entry for physician practices across the country by helping to schedule telemedicine visits directly in our CareCloud Central practice management solution. The real growth for telemedicine is going to come from high-performing medical practices serving their existing patients using the technology — developing a better patient experience in an iterative way.”

CareCloud Telemedicine is deployed on the company’s cloud technology platform expressly for the needs of high-performing medical groups, including features such as:

  • Fast setup, which takes practices from enrollment to live patient visits in under 14 days
  • Unique pay-per-visit pricing that offers major savings over standard per-provider monthly fees
  • Scheduling for each telemedicine visit incorporated seamlessly within the platform
  • Automated insurance eligibility verification, patient co-pay collection, and RCM billing services
  • HIPAA-compliant video connections for patient privacy

Among the benefits to practices using telemedicine are:

  • Additional opportunities to improve health outcomes by making it easier for patients to keep follow-up visits, stay on track with their care plans, and quickly access care before an issue becomes acute
  • Expanded access and improved experience for a practice’s remote or homebound patients
  • New revenue opportunities in converting phone consultations for tasks such as medication adjustments and reviewing abnormal lab results into reimbursable telemedicine visits
  • Flexibility of per-visit pricing allows practices to use telemedicine based on the patient, not the payment schedule
  • Support for the transition to value-based care by allowing staff to focus on higher-value activities that impact both patient health and satisfaction

CareCloud Telemedicine enters a market poised for growth. A Cisco consumer survey found that 7 out of 10 patients are comfortable with seeing their doctor virtually instead of in person. More than half of states have passed bills requiring insurance companies to cover telehealth patient visits. According to CareCloud’s 2017 Practice Performance Index, high-performing practices are more than twice as likely to be using telemedicine compared to practices falling behind. Moreover, nearly 1 in 4 successful practices reports investing in telemedicine to improve patient experience.

“I’m sometimes all over the place and not always accessible in the clinic,” said Dr. Jelunder Clark with Wellness Medicine of Hampton, Georgia. “I wanted a way for my patients to have more access to me, and telemedicine has been a great tool to bring that personal extra touch.”

CareCloud is one of the first companies to offer an RCM-integrated telemedicine solution in the health technology market. The company is hosting a webinar on July 12 at 12:30 p.m. ET for medical groups interested in learning more about this unique approach to telemedicine.

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