MIAMI, FL – December 1, 2011 – CareCloud, the revolutionary cloud-based healthcare management solution provider, announced the all-new CareCloud Analytics, an advanced web-based business intelligence and reporting system for medical practices, which delivers real-time insight for physicians to optimize the clinical, administrative and financial aspects of their medical practice.

CareCloud Analytics provides powerful dashboards that feature easy-to-read, self-populating graphs, charts, and reports that make forecasting, auditing and optimizing easy. With CareCloud’s social collaboration capabilities, medical practice staff can work in a completely new way by securely collaborating on reports in the cloud. As a result, healthcare professionals are able to make better decisions to increase profits, enhance efficiency, and improve patient experience.

By using CareCloud Analytics, one Florida-based medical practice has increased its billing by 32 percent in a matter of months, resulting in more revenue collected and greater efficiency in the practice overall. The practice can now manage the productivity of the office staff, monitor in real time the productivity of billers, and gain transparency into the business side of operations to help form better decisions through data, instead of intuition.

“CareCloud Analytics has changed the way we view and run our practice,” says Tere Salazar-Krause, practice manager for Salazar, Santiago, Villegas, Sabates, and Cabral P.A. “Since we started using it, we have an incredible level of transparency into all areas of our business, from the front office to the surgeons practicing with us. People are able to work faster, with less redundancy because CareCloud is so easy to use.”

The five-doctor surgery practice has boosted productivity in nearly every area of its business through increased transparency and accountability. Mrs. Salazar-Krause is able to monitor billers in real units, measure staff efficiency, track appointment utilization and even track physician productivity on her dashboard.

“There is no other business intelligence tool for medical practices that has the same level of customization and automation as CareCloud Analytics,” said CareCloud CEO Albert Santalo. “Our solution delivers simple, comprehensive reports in real-time, allowing doctors to make quick, well-informed decisions regarding the running of their practice. They can then share these reports in our secure, HIPAA-compliant environment using our collaborative tools. This transforms the way physicians, administrators and staff see their practice.”

CareCloud’s innovative cloud-based technology allows for on-the-fly, point-and-click customization of reports, giving providers a clear view of their practice’s performance to fine-tune workflow and maximize productivity and profitability in real time. They can review reports through CareCloud’s secure web-based system and get up-to-the-minute data on performance patterns to track emerging trends instantly. Whether at home, at the office, or on-the-go, providers are always a few clicks away from their central intelligence headquarters.

In September 2011, CareCloud announced $20.1 million in Series B funding from investors Intel Capital and Norwest Venture Partners. Over the last year, CareCloud has received multiple awards, including being named winner at IBM’s SmartCamp 2010. CareCloud has also been recognized by Red Herring as a Top 100 Tech Startup for 2011, and was honored as a winner of the 2011 Florida Governor’s Business Diversification Awards in the Entrepreneurship mega market category.

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