MIAMI – May 9, 2018 –  As medical practices seek ways to reduce time spent on low-value administrative tasks, CareCloud has added a new option for powerful speech recognition technology that reduces click-based tasks in EHRs and makes clinical documentation smarter and more personal. CareCloud, the platform for high-growth medical groups, is making this technology available from nVoq, the Boulder, CO-based provider of speech recognition and workflow automation solutions.

“Making medical speech recognition technology available on our platform is another way that we are improving the productivity of physicians by giving them the tools they are asking for,” said Juan Molina, CareCloud’s vice president of strategy and business development. “The open architecture of our cloud platform allows us to deliver technology of all kinds to our clients in a way that makes it easy for them to use and integrate into their daily clinical and practice management workflows,” he added.

The SayIt™ technology is the latest application to be made available as part of CareCloud’s Connect Partner program, through which the company provides easy access to best-of-breed healthcare technology applications on its enterprise cloud platform for medical groups. Today, over 100 partners are available for CareCloud clients to enhance every part of their group’s operations. The application is compatible with CareCloud’s Charts or with any EHR used by CareCloud clients.

“I’ve used SayIt in CareCloud for a year now and it has exceeded my expectations,” said Carl Spirazza, D.O. with Spirazza Family Medicine in Boynton Beach, Florida. “We’ve been using it to dictate chart conversations from paper to CareCloud Charts and to document detailed narratives in HPI and Plan. Because it’s so easy to use — I can use my iPhone as a wireless microphone — and because of the accuracy of the transcriptions, we’ve seen both our documentation and office efficiency improve. It’s also affordable,” he added.

Providers can use the application on any computer or use their iPhone or Android phone as a wireless microphone to dictate directly into any EHR and complete clinical documentation in seconds instead of minutes per patient. A recent study by the University of Wisconsin and the American Medical Association found that primary care physicians spend 5.9 hours on EHR data entry during a typical 11.4-hour workday, including 1.5 hours spent after business hours. With SayIt, physicians would spend less than 2 hours a day completing the same data entry requirements.

To learn more about medical speech recognition and other applications available on the CareCloud platform that can help increase productivity and reduce burnout, contact or call 1-877-342-7517.

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