SOMERSET, N.J., Oct. 1, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MTBC (Nasdaq:MTBC), a leading provider of proprietary, healthcare information technology solutions today announced that its ICD-10 mHealth app has emerged as the most popular ICD-10 app among U.S. healthcare providers.

Today marks the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) mandatory conversion date from ICD-9, the legacy diagnosis code set used for medical billing, to the new generation of codes known as ICD-10.  This conversion has significantly increased the complexity involved in selecting the codes required to support appropriate reimbursement and is upending the prevailing paper-based model for capturing billing information.

MTBC’s ICD-10 technology solutions enable physicians to quickly and easily transition to ICD-10.  As one MTBC client, Amanda Richline, DPM, recently explained, “Before we started with the MTBC ICD-10 Solutions Team, we were very worried about ICD-10.” She continued, “But with MTBC’s ICD-10 solution, the conversion has been an amazingly painless and pleasant experience.”

While many vendors have released ICD-10 apps, the MTBC ICD-10 app quickly seized the coveted rank of most “popular” ICD-10 app available in the Apple iTunes store. MTBC has also released a web-based ICD-10 converter and charge capture platform, together with an Android ICD-10 app, which is top ranked.

Many others echo Dr. Richline’s sentiment, explaining that the MTBC ICD-10 app, “[has] saved me soooo much time,” and another user said that it “is a Lifesaver for those who need to change from ICD-9 and don’t want to spend hours looking for codes!” Still other users describe it as, “easy to use,” “simple, fast, just flat out excellent,” “great,” “awesome,” and many variations of “love this app, thank you!”

“We thank the physician community for their overwhelming response to our ICD-10 solutions,” said Stephen Snyder, MTBC President. He continued, “It’s our sincere privilege to be able to help providers across the country seamlessly convert to ICD-10, and it’s gratifying to be told that we are helping to eliminate the type of fear and frustration that many of their colleagues are presently experiencing.”

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