CareCloud and First Data are working jointly to make the experience of medical professionals and medical patients that much smoother and more engaging with the release of a new platform called Breeze.

The patient experience portal can be accessed either through Breeze’s mobile or web app — and it allows patients to manage their doctors’ appointments from their smart devices, fill out necessary insurance and medical forms, and manage payments anywhere, anytime.

This strategic alliance brings together the power and intuitive design of CareCloud’s healthcare platform with First Data’s commerce-enabling technology.

“People want to have the same kind of technology in the doctor’s office that they are using to manage everything else in their lives, whether it’s using an app to book a dinner reservation, check in for a flight from their phone, or manage their finances,” said Ken Comée, CEO of CareCloud. “Physicians want to give their patients this kind of automated, digital experience — but have been challenged with software that’s payer-centric, not patient-centric. Breeze flips medical practice technology on its head and orients all practice workflows around the patient experience — setting a new standard for visiting the doctor.”

Breeze run natively on First Data’s Clover Mini and Clover Station, iOS or Android device, and any computer and can be accessed by patients from any of those points.  To use the payments function, patients can view and manage existing balances on the go, and import their preferred method of settling up — as long is it is credit, debit, mobile wallets, HSA, cash, or check. Patients also have the ability to set up partial payments or payment plans so they can pay when and how they want.

“CareCloud has spent years honing its technological capabilities to serve the healthcare industry, and we are delighted to partner with them on this game-changing product for physicians’ offices across the country,” said Chris Foskett, Executive Vice President, Corporate and Business Development, First Data. “We are bringing to market a comprehensive healthcare solution with full payments integration, a unique product offering that has major implications for how people engage with their healthcare providers.”

The move — apart from making patients’ lives easier, according to both First Data and CareCloud — will also make it much easier for physicians and their staff to manage their practices more efficiently and productively.

“From the moment that the patient walks in, they are happier, and my staff no longer has to spend time dealing with packets of registration papers. Our front office can now focus on patient care and delivering the excellent level of service that they deserve,” says Barbara Arbide, a practice manager who is using Breeze in her allergy practice in Coral Gables, FL.

CareCloud and First Data developed Breeze to meet changing consumer expectations in healthcare and offer a better option for doctors building a practice.  A recent survey indicated that 34 percent of patients said they would switch doctors in order to be able to pay their bills online, and 30 percent said they would switch if they could set up payment plans.

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