CareCloud, a provider of practice management and EHR software, will use Google Cloud’s healthcare application programming interfaces to expand its cloud-based platform.

CareCloud recently joined the Google Cloud Partner Program, which enables select technology partners to build new solutions on Google’s cloud products. Under the program, CareCloud will use Google Cloud’s healthcare APIs to transmit data across multiple care systems, so physicians can access a centralized and longitudinal view of their patients’ information.

CareCloud will also offer medical practices cloud-based apps to streamline administrative, financial, clinical and patient engagement workflows within their software.

“Through this data convergence, we are looking forward to the revolutionary ways our customers and developers will be able to use this information to deliver quality care and value to patients,” Josh Siegel, chief technology officer of CareCloud, said in a news release.


This article originally appeared in Becker’s Health IT & CIO Report.

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