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By Tanya Austin.

Having leaders who are committed to a generous vision can have an extremely positive impact on employees at your company. Research shows that employees want to be able to focus on activities that benefit their community, rather than limiting themselves to monotonous office-related work. Companies that share their employees’ passion for generosity retain their employees longer, and also witness positive results from the work they do.

While perusing a list of companies with dedicated leaders, we came across Ken Comee, CEO of CareCloud, an IT company founded in 2009. CareCloud is the leading provider of cloud-based revenue cycle management, practice management, electronic health record (EHR), and patient engagement solutions for medical groups. Ken took up the mantle in early 2015. Since then, he has been striving to accomplish a work environment that is generous, and values its employees as well as the company.

We connected with a dynamic trio: Mike (Co-founder, VP of Design & Growth Marketing), Nicole Rossato (Events and Outreach Manager) and Ana Ribeiro (VP of HR), who shed light on how CareCloud is implementing the vision of its CEO.

Philanthropy at CareCloud

“We constantly evaluate how we can give back with respect to the position we hold as a technology company,” says Mike.

CareCloud leverages its IT and coding skills to partner with CODeLLA. CODeLLA conducts a tech entrepreneurship and code immersion program for young Latina girls. The girls come from underprivileged backgrounds, and the program gives them a large window of opportunity to succeed in the IT field. CareCloud has also made generous financial donations to CODeLLA, and organized field trips for the girls to come and visit them at the office. These passionate young women enthusiastically spent the entire day at CareCloud, getting a unique hands-on experience and wave of support from employees. The firm’s CEO, Ken, took time off to spend the day with the kids educating them on how the IT field operates, and how to succeed in it. Ana shares, “The girls spent the majority of the day interacting with the women in tech. Our engineers and project managers are very involved in educating these young girls and its so cool to see the impact.”

CareCloud kickstarted January by partnering with CODeLLA to design new programs for the girls. Ana excitedly shares, “We want to hold summer camps for these girls with an even more in-depth program. We’re also looking for other ways to engage with them throughout the year.” The company also wants to help CODeLLA introduce parents to the learning process as well. According to Ana, most of the girls’ parents are immigrants, who are not aware of what the IT field entails and what their daughters are doing. She shares, “We want the parents to understand the kind of education their daughters are receiving. We want them to witness the workshops and the training the girls undergo.”

CareCloud also partners with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), another organization that trains kids to develop their entrepreneurship skills. The employees at the company get involved in the training process enthusiastically. Ana stresses, “We want to take a seat at the table with these charitable foundations rather than making it look like, ‘Here’s a check and we won’t be seeing you.’”

Why does this matter for employee engagement?

CareCloud has a significant number of millennials on its payroll. “The younger generation of employees at the company are very much into outreach and community service. We want to make sure millennials have an outlet within the community to do that,” says Ana.

Mike also tells us that the work the employees have done with CODeLLA and NFTE has had a tremendous positive impact on them. Employees feel more motivated when they’re given the opportunity to nurture young minds in their field of specialization. Team members are also looking forward to 2016, when CareCloud partners with many new organizations to make a difference in the community. Mike shares, “The employees tell us that the philanthropic work they do, especially the mentorship program, ignites them to do more. It’s a really really powerful way to connect with the community.”

CareCloud under Ken’s leadership, is looking to provide an efficient vehicle for its employees to give back to the community. “Ken is somebody who has really prioritized philanthropy as a corporate effort. It is part of his vision for the company,” Mike says.

CareCloud also intervenes on behalf of employees who want support for charitable causes that are a personal passion. Ana encourages other employees to support a co-workers interested giving back to the community, as part of a personal philanthropic campaign. Mike concludes, “Our book is always open and we are always looking to figure out the best ways in which we can serve the community.”

CareCloud’s story is a perfect example of how leadership and vision can drive a company to be more philanthropic. Their story is definitely one to imitate. A big thanks to Mike, Nicole and Ana for sharing an inspiring story with us.

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