With CareCloud Connect, health care organizations gain access to a variety of solutions that complement CareCloud’s suite of products and services.

CareCloud, a specialist in cloud-based software and services for medical groups, announced the launch of CareCloud Connect, an integrated partner ecosystem designed to provide physicians and administrators with the solutions they need in an increasingly complex health care environment.

Connect is a collection of apps, services, specialty solutions, and clinical connections, and is designed to help practices of different sizes and specialties to assemble the right combination of solutions and services needed to help maximize their performance. With CareCloud Connect, health care organizations can access a variety of solutions that complement CareCloud’s suite of products and services.

“One of the major challenges that faces the health care IT industry today is that it’s largely comprised of closed, proprietary systems that are difficult, time-consuming and expensive to integrate,” Ken Comee, CEO of CareCloud, told eWEEK. “At CareCloud, we believe this shouldn’t be the case – running a practice is hard enough. That’s why our solutions run in the cloud, which means medical groups can quickly achieve significant financial efficiencies and a better overall patient experience through intuitive, modern software that requires a minimal IT footprint.

“We believe that it’s not realistic for any one company to build everything for healthcare – the industry is too complex,” Comee said. “We also believe that medical groups should have the right tools at the right time for their particular practice, whether that includes CareCloud’s software and services or our partners’ solutions. We want to focus on what we do really well, and partner with organizations who are great in other areas. So we developed CareCloud Connect.”

He noted CareCloud has seen this work in other industries, citing Salesforce, the industry leader in cloud CRM.

Connect includes partnerships with companies like QueueDr—a digital health company that has created a fully automated way for doctors to fill their cancelled appointments.

CareCloud’s developer-driven API allows partners like QueueDr to connect highly secure, innovative apps directly on the CareCloud platform.

“Healthcare is another industry that would greatly benefit from a Salesforce-like approach, and we are filling this need,” he said. “In the near future, we see the healthcare IT industry focusing on interoperability and analytics to improve care coordination and assess business performance. And as the healthcare IT industry continues to evolve–and get more complex–we believe that an open cloud-based platform is the key to success.”

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