by Fred Pennic 11/15/2018

CareCloud, the platform for high-growth medical groups, today announced that it has expanded its revenue cycle management (RCM)services to help practices realize greater productivity and revenue gains through more accurate billing and faster payments. Starting today, current CareCloud clients may now add an additional payment posting service layer on top of their CareCloud practice management or electronic health record software subscription. Through this service, CareCloud will make sure every payment is posted on time, accurately, and with minimal involvement from the practice staff both for manual payments as well as for any errors with electronic remittance advice (ERAs).

Tedious Billing/Coding Leads to Staff Burnout and Turnover

These new services support physician practices as they struggle to attract and retain staff, particularly non-clinical staff, by taking over the tedious billing and coding tasks that contribute to staff burnout and turnover. In a recent poll conducted by the Medical Group Management Association, 61 percent of respondents said they experienced a shortage of qualified applicants for non-clinical positions within the past year. CareCloud is addressing this issue for medical groups by offering a range of service levels that fit the individual staffing needs of each group.

CareCloud Concierge Revenue Cycle Management Offerings

CareCloud Concierge RCM clients may now select from two additional service offerings to expand upon the existing work provided by their CareCloud team:

– Concierge Plus is a service through which CareCloud provides an expert team of billers to work and fix claim errors and secure the highest level of payments, faster.

– Concierge Pro includes all the benefits of Concierge Plus and adds further services from CareCloud’ expert team of coders and billers to review, enter, and/or code charges for every encounter regardless of where the services were completed.

“Even though we’re already rated highly by our RCM clients for both quality of service and for giving them their ‘money’s worth,’ we continue to innovate and add RCM services to ensure that medical groups can keep pace with the changing healthcare environment,” said Ken Comée, CareCloud CEO. “We hear that current vendors in the market are not offering the flexibility and choice that medical groups need to be successful, so we see these new services as an important opportunity to support them in any way we can.”

Corpus Christi Urology Group Improves Financial Performance Via CareCloud RCM

A specialty practice with four offices and a radiation oncology center, Corpus Christi Urology Group is focused on finding ways to reduce administrative overhead and improve financial performance to fuel growth. The group selected CareCloud’s technology platform and supported its billing with CareCloud’s RCM experts. “As we expand on the clinical side, adding new physicians, opening a pharmacy and implementing new drugs, we’ve increased our billing activity,” said Carrie Salazar, Administrator, Corpus Christi Urology Group. “With CareCloud, we’ve been able to scale that growth without creating an administrative burden, freeing us up to see more patients and to give them the best care that we can.”

Since working with CareCloud, Corpus Christi Urology Group boosted its first pass resolution rate on submitted claims from 87% to 95% and saw an increase of 12% in reimbursement per procedure. CareCloud’s RCM solution increases a typical practice’s total revenue performance an average of 7% annually. The expanded offering will give practices more service levels to choose from based on their staffing needs and which CareCloud product they’re using.


This article originally appeared in HIT Consultant.

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