By Don Lee

If you’re a medical practice, 4 major industry waves are rocking your boat. New demands bring new opportunities for fast practices that can quickly get physician alignment around a strategy that will maintain physician autonomy and increase reimbursement. Equally as important, the patient expectation has changed. They demand convenience and flexibility and want to interact with their care in new and innovative ways. Physicians can accept this, or ignore it at their own peril.

I’m fortunate to be joined today by Ken Comée, CEO of CareCloud who will shed some light on these 4 waves:

  1. Migration to a modern, cloud-based infrastructure
  2. Practice consolidation
  3. Value-based care
  4. Consumerism and the new patient expectation

We break down what the 4 waves are, what they mean for practices and how practices can capitalize on the change. Enjoy!

Access the #HCBiz podcast episode featuring Ken Comée here. 

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