July 29, 2016

Written by Jack McCarthy

Nearly one-third of patients feel that EHRs have changed their experience for the better, according to new research, and 73 percent expressed a high level of interest in accessing medical records.

“The patient experience is dramatically transforming,” CareCloud CEO Ken Comee said in a statement. “Patients of all ages are actually embracing digital online patient engagement tools from scheduling appointments to accessing their medical records and making online payments.”

Contradicting stereotypes that millennials are the leading technology adopters, a CareCloud survey of 1,443 patients determined that Baby Boomers (51-65 years of age) are the group most likely to use healthcare tools.

Sixty-two percent of baby boomers, in fact, use technology to access their health records, while 50 percent engage with health IT tools to request prescription refills, and 43 percent to ask their providers care-related questions.

When asked what was the preferred platform of interaction with a medical group, 35 percent listed online patient portal; phone calls, 29 percent; emails, 21 percent; mobile application, 8 percent; and text messaging, 7 percent.
More than 25percent of patients have completed an online review of their doctor.

“This survey of the patient experience only reinforces the importance of technology in modern medicine,” Comee said.

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