November 8, 2016

Written by Ricardo Morales

RicardocarecloudEver since I was a kid, hacking — taking something broken and improving it to make it function again — was my favorite thing to do. When I joined CareCloud many years ago, we were just a small team of people who believed we could take something broken — in this case, healthcare — and improve performance, boost productivity, and streamline workflow for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

It’s humbling to see how far we’ve come. When digital health was just taking off and the cloud was the next big disruptor, I was the third engineer to join CareCloud. It’s now seven years, tens of millions in VC funding, yet one of our biggest challenges is finding talent. We are actively looking to expand our engineering team by at least a dozen new senior software engineers and senior product managers who have the right mix of technical experience and leadership to assume key anchor positions. Finding the combination of really smart people and creating the best environment, to inspire them to push personal limits as well as push the limits of innovation is what CareCloud is all about.

Hacking Tech Talent

To find local talent and promote our local ecosystem, CareCloud hosted our very first hackathon this past August. We challenged more than 50 computer engineers, programmers, developers and designers from CareCloud and Wyncode Academy to build innovative apps designed to help medical groups grow and improve the patient experience. With the support of our team of senior engineers, designers and product experts, seven teams worked for 24 hours straight to execute actionable solutions to real problems in healthcare and bring their ideas to life using the CareCloud API.

Open APIs, like CareCloud’s, allow developers to stack on top of existing code to solve a specific problem. Because developers don’t have to start from scratch, the process is drastically accelerated. In a highly complex industry like healthcare, this is a key advantage in keeping up with the fast-changing regulations and demands of the industry.

View all CareCloud Hack Day 2016 pictures here.

The hackathon’s $9,000 in cash prizes and perks attracted intense interest and incredible talent. The winning teams were determined by a panel of judges, which included technologists Brian Breslin, founder of Refresh Miami and CareCloud CTO Josh Siegel, as well as healthcare representatives Matt Nachreiner, Dermatology Practice Administrator for Sanova Dermatology, and Dr. Angel Cuesta.

Team Nimbus, the first place finisher (pictured below), took home the grand prize of $5,000 for their deep search tool that enabled easy access to analytical data across multiple CareCloud solutions.


Second place team Fit & HAPI was awarded $2,500 for integrating FitBit data into electronic medical records. Wyncare, coming in third, won $1,000 for their natively built video chat solution, while the Most Innovative award went to The Rookies for their Uber-for-patients app.

The real hack was the opportunity for us to see talent in action—test their skills, see how well they work as part of a team, get a feel for their problem-solving skills, and note how well they collaborated and gelled with CareCloud’s staff and work culture.

Return on Community Investment

With organizations such as Refresh Miami, Wyncode Academy, Iron Hack, Launchcode, CODeLLA, Code for Miami and so many more, South Florida is generating talent that wasn’t as available just a few years ago. CareCloud receives tremendous value from supporting these and other local organizations.

Since Wyncode’s very first cohort back in 2014, CareCloud has been a dedicated hiring partner and the first company to hire a graduate from the fast-growing coding school. We have interviewed more than 100 Wyncode grads and hired nine as paid interns, seven of whom turned into full-time salaried employees. We interviewed five Wyncode participants and hired three from Hack Day alone—Fabian Pombo, Lauren Leibowitz, and Mike Gregory.

Joining the 300

Hack Day was an immense success for CareCloud, and we plan to host two per year with one open to public participation. We will continue to play an active role in the Miami tech community and cultivate talent to create new job opportunities here at home. But folks don’t need to wait till our next hackathon to join CareCloud.

Our plan to grow to 300 employees is ambitious, but that is the culture of CareCloud. We encourage those who are talented, inspired, and ambition to send their resumes to

Be on the lookout for the announcement of our next hackathon; we look forward to meeting the future 300 of CareCloud!

Ricardo Morales is part of the founding team and Vice President of Engineering, driving software development at CareCloud, the leading platform for high-performance medical groups. With over 20 years of experience in the software industry, he currently leads a diverse team of software and quality assurance engineers.

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