Software and services customized for gastroenterologists

A Full Scope of Benefits for Gastroenterologists

If you’re like most gastroenterologists, you’re grappling with declining reimbursements and rising administrative hassles while trying to stay up-to-date on the latest imaging and testing advances.¹ The continued rollout of the Affordable Care Act, transition to ICD-10, and pressure to earn Meaningful Use incentives before they turn to penalties are only exacerbating the strain.

Most gastroenterologists split their time—more than 50 hours per week for over 30%—between the office and the hospital, and many spend more than 10 hours on paperwork that could be spent with patients. Ensuring your practice runs as efficiently and effectively as possible is essential for gastroenterologists who wish to remain independent.

With CareCloud, you get more than typical gastroenterology EHR software. You get a truly integrated, cloud-based practice management and EHR solution that can mitigate many of these challenges and help you optimize your practice’s efficiency and revenue.

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Gastroenterologists receive:

Proven Gastroenterology Software and Services

CareCloud Central—the most modern, intuitive practice management solution on the market—streamlines your financial and administrative workflows, so you can boost efficiency and revenue. Central makes it easy to view and update your practice’s schedule—involving patients, providers, and procedure rooms–whether it’s your office day or procedure day. Why evaluate patients with the latest scoping technology but make do with cumbersome, outdated software to manage appointments, store patient profiles, and bill for services?

When integrated with Charts, CareCloud’s flexible EHR system, your productivity soars even higher. Whether you’re screening for colorectal cancer or treating someone for colitis, Meaningful Use certified Charts helps you document visits efficiently so you have more time for patients.

Increased Revenue, Now and in the Future

CareCloud Concierge, our comprehensive revenue cycle management solution, does the heavy lifting on your tiresome billing and collections responsibilities – slashing time spent on administrative tasks. Let our highly trained back-office team handle these administrative anxieties for you. You’ll increase your profitability and free up more time for patients.

Concierge helps you increase collections and cash flow, particularly important when fewer than half of gastroenterologists feel fairly compensated.² CareCloud Concierge not only helps you boost your practice’s current profitability, but our team is also prepared to help you navigate through ICD-10 and avoid the expected surge in denials. Whether you’re billing for endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, or colonoscopy, you won’t miss a beat during the ICD-10 transition.

Gastro on the Go with our Mobile Solution

Chances are you’re moving quickly between the office and endoscopy suite. Take CareCloud Companion, our mobile app, with you. Companion allows you to view your personal schedule, quickly access patient charts, review and sign incoming lab requests, and much more — all on the go.

Health IT that Delivers the Flexibility Gastroenterologists Need

Now may be the perfect time to allow our software and RCM experts help you run your practice with less stress. At CareCloud, we understand the unique needs of gastroenterologists. With the larger patient volumes expected from healthcare reform – including more preventive colon cancer screenings — you need smarter, faster and more intuitive health IT software more than ever. Our cloud-based portfolio is built to work seamlessly with your practice, helping you enhance efficiency, patient care, and profitability.

To learn more about key moves gastroenterologists can make to boost practice profitability, get our 4 Ways Gastroenterology Practices Can Boost Profitability report.


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