How a Large Orthopedic Group Grew Monthly Cash Flow by 28% [Case Study]

Who doesn’t like a good story – especially one where you can learn from the success of a colleague?

The 15-provider CORE Orthopaedic Medical Center in Southern California was struggling with its local billing service in late 2013. Mired in cumbersome workflows, weak analytics and less-than-optimal financial results, they decided to take action.

CORE’s Practice Administrator searched for a true revenue cycle partner, transitioned her medical group to the cloud, and saw some great financial outcomes as a result.

How did the practice do it? Read the Case Study to learn how, and to learn tips to take your own medical group a more financially secure, efficient place.

Find out how this large medical group:

* Reduced costs at the same time they increased their monthly cash flow by 28%
* Streamlined practice workflow
* Automated key revenue cycle tasks
* Gained more insight into practice performance than ever before

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