Harnessing Beautiful Web Design to Better Engage Medical Providers

Recently CareCloud launched its newly designed corporate website, CareCloud.com, to drive better interaction with medical providers looking for information on the Company’s cloud-based products, as well as overall communication of its brand. CareCloud.com features a new innovative design that makes it easier for medical providers to find the information and industry insight they need to streamline their medical practices and boost profitability.

How can innovative web design facilitate all this? The CareCloud Blog spoke with Mike Cuesta, CareCloud’s VP of Design & Growth Marketing, to find out.

Q: Can you explain the main new features from a mobile perspective for CareCloud’s new website?

A: The whole world is moving towards mobile.  Physicians, medical professionals and healthcare leaders alike look to their smartphones more and more as a primary means to do industry research and learn about the best new technology platforms leading healthcare organizations adopt to improve their business.

We really didn’t want the mobile experience to be a watered-down version of what you see on a larger screen, so we focused a lot of our initial effort designing for a smaller form factor first. Then we scaled the design up, so the same content looks just as great on a desktop. Constraints like limited screen size make the design process better because it pushes everyone on the team to seek creative solutions.

Q: How does the site design reflect the incredible growth of CareCloud and the importance of content to explain where the company is today and quickly heading in the near future?

A: In an amazingly short period, cloud computing has evolved from a powerful vision of how software should be deployed to a staple for how market leaders in every industry think about delivering software and systems that enable rapid innovation and productivity improvement.  With that, our team set out to illustrate how we not only help thousands of small independent practices today, but how our modern cloud platform is uniquely suited to solve some of the biggest challenges larger healthcare enterprises face as well. More importantly, we didn’t want to just say it — we wanted to show it. This is why so much of the content focuses on our product and customers.

Q: The website has a unique look and flow compared to traditional healthcare IT companies. What new industry best practices from a design standpoint did you leverage?

A: We rely heavily on data to drive our design decisions.  So past user behavior influenced a lot of the way we wanted users to navigate through the site.

We also needed to lay a foundation that would allow us to evolve the site quickly. To achieve this, we developed a modular design architecture that lets us build any page using a system of components. This lets anyone on the marketing team to build, optimize and deploy highly-polished content without having to rely on a web designer or developer.

Q: CareCloud’s system is known for beautiful design and usability – how did you translate this into the design of the website and its overall branding?

A: Maintaining a modern design aesthetic that truly resonates with your core audience is a process of constant evolution for any technology company. We use an agile, incremental approach rather than waiting for our brand to grow stale. This helps us avoid the need for a large, expensive rebranding effort.

We’ve spent the past year or so really cleaning up our look and simply shedding whatever we felt wasn’t necessary. We ended up with a look and feel we’re really happy with, and the feedback we’ve received so far has been really great.

For more on cutting-edge web design, follow Mike Cuesta on Twitter: @MikeCuesta