5 Tech Trends Moving Mobile Health in 2015

Expect to do more ‘on-the-go’ in 2015? You’re not alone – this year mobile healthcare tech will continue its meteoric rise in importance, impact, and impressive growth, experts predict.

The number of mobile health apps – currently an estimated 100,000 — doubled from 2012 to 2014, according to a mHealth App Developer Economics study. Going forward, the same report predicts the $4 billion global health and fitness mobile app market will grow to $26 billion by 2017.

The trends in mobile health tech are about more, more, more:

* More mobile apps designed for better user experience, according to the ITBusinessEdge Top 10 Mobile Technologies and Capabilities list for 2015 and 2016.

* More real-time data from mobile medical apps and wearable devices. Patients will continue to track and report health metrics like blood glucose levels, sleep quality, and heart rate, which predicts Mashable’s 15 Mobile Trends to Watch in 2015. “In 2015, health and nutrition monitoring will achieve previously unthinkable breadth and depth,” Rameet Chawla, founder of Fueled, told Mashable.

* More mobile-first platform technology. Responsive web design will allow a growing number of people to access information seamlessly across mobile and other devices.

* More device and hardware innovation in medicine. It’s not that the mobile medical app evolution won’t continue. But advances in health sensors and monitoring technology will be the bigger news story this year, predicts Capterra’s Top 5 Medical Technology Trends for 2015.

* More apps for doctors will mean more access from any device. The combination of mobile and cloud computing will mean that “centrally coordinated applications that can be delivered to any device will continue to grow,” predicts Forbes’ Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015. This means more users will be able to simultaneously use applications on multiple devices.

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