3 Reasons Patients Love EHRs

Even if  Meaningful Use incentives do not drive your practice to adopt a new EHR, consider upgrading for patient satisfaction and engagement.

Increased productivity, reduced costs, better care coordination – you probably know many of the EHR benefits from the provider perspective. But what’s really in it for your patients?

Modern electronic health records offer multiple advantages for your patients. Reasons they love a medical practice with an EHR include:

1. They’ve heard EHRs can lead to better care

Although your patients might not know much about EHR Software, they’ll see the kind of technology your practice uses during their visit. Even the less tech-savvy will likely appreciate how electronic health records can improve their care. Plus your practice will look more up-to-date if they see you using a modern EHR system. In other words, if your practice doesn’t join the healthcare IT movement, you run the risk of appearing behind the times.

2. Patients can get more involved in their own care.

On online portal offers patients an easy and convenient way to connect with your practice. Patient engagement in their health and wellness is growing rapidly thanks to EHRs,  mobile health apps, medical websites and social media. Modern EHRs make it easier for patients to actively participate in decisions about their treatment plans, disease management and preventive care. In addition, before a patient had to ask for a printout when they wanted to check their doctor’s visit notes. EHRs with an integrated patient portal make accessing this data easier and more efficient.

3. EHRs make sharing medical information easier.

Chances are you aren’t the only doctor most of your patients see. Many patients visit a primary care doctor plus one or more specialists, such as a cardiologist, dermatologist, or gynecologist. Efficient care coordination and seamless sharing of medical records makes treatment safer and easier for patients. Safe, secure sharing of patient information through modern EHR technology can yield more complete patient histories, cut medical errors and decrease duplicate or unnecessary tests.

Amanda Guerrero contributed to this post.