How a Dermatology Practice Achieved a 40% Increase in Profits Through Modern Technology

Sanova Dermatology is on a mission to deliver exceptional dermatology and skin cancer care to patients in the Austin, Texas area. From offering specialized surgeries to adopting the latest technology, Sanova is dedicated to providing the best patient care possible. However, when Practice Administrator Matt Nachreiner joined Sanova in late 2014, he quickly became concerned about the antiquated practice management system Sanova was using, which was stifling practice productivity and offering only limited visibility into the business. Matt knew Sanova needed to make a change to boost financial and operational performance.



Burdens of client-server systems

Costly hardware and tedious system updates held back practice productivity and profitability.

Lack of integration

Lack of integration with ZocDoc limited Sanova’s visibility to potential new patients, resulting in missed revenue opportunities.

Absence of an intuitive patient portal

Gaps in portal functionality prevented Sanova from being able to capitalize on online services to reduce manual work.

Limited business insight

The data available in the old system was limited and unreliable, resulting in a lack of trust in the data used to drive key decisions.

“CareCloud has the nicest appearance. It’s very intuitive and easy to teach staff to use.”

Matt Nachreiner, Practice Administrator




By partnering with CareCloud, Sanova has been able to collect more revenue at a faster rate. “At six months, our profits were already up 40%,” They have also achieved remarkable improvements in key performance indicators for timely payments. Cash flow has improved not only due to faster insurance payments, but also due to a more efficient process for collecting patient payments. “CareCloud is allowing us to secure patient responsibility and payment at a much faster rate,” Matt says.


Since switching to CareCloud, Sanova has been able to cut down on overhead because the system has helped boost staff productivity in a number of ways. For example, CareCloud’s integration with ZocDoc has not only been crucial in bringing in new patients, but also in streamlining scheduling, particularly because patients can now enter personal health information prior to the visit. In fact, Matt estimates that the process of registering and scheduling patients is now 18 times faster, freeing up front office staff to work on other critical areas of the practice.


Not only are providers’ schedules now more full, but they are also optimized to generate the most revenue possible. Because openings on providers’ schedules are updated in real-time and available for patients to view on ZocDoc, patients are able to take advantage of last minute openings. “Tomorrow we have an opening and I can guarantee that when I come in, somebody will have requested that appointment, if it isn’t already filled by tonight,” Matt says.


Using CareCloud’s robust analytics solutions, Sanova has been able to drill down into their key metrics for actionable insights, facilitating more informed business decisions. For example, Matt capitalized on new insight when he learned that a top diagnosis at Sanova was psoriasis. He was immediately able to make a strong case to bring on ancillary machines to supplement treatment in order to bring in more revenue and provide better care. Unsurprisingly, this machine paid itself off within just a couple of months.

“At six months, our profits were already up 40%”

Matt Nachreiner, Practice Administrator

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