How CareCloud is Helping Medical Groups Prepare for ICD-10


CareCloud is working closely with our clients to ensure a smooth transition to ICD-10. The ability to navigate ICD-10 successfully is a top priority for our clients–and our company. The CareCloud system is ICD-10 ready. We have implemented comprehensive, user-friendly updates to our cloud-based practice management (PM) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems (CareCloud Central and CareCloud Charts, respectively) to meet our clients’ ICD-10 needs and ease the transition for them. In addition to enhancing our products, we are executing a robust training plan to ensure our clients understand ICD-10’s impact on their workflows and feel confident about the move to ICD-10.

Product Updates

Our package of ICD-10 product updates allows clients to: prepare claims in compliance with ICD-10, submit ICD-10 claims to payers, exchange clinical data with other entities (e.g., labs) in ICD-10, and run analytics involving ICD-10 diagnosis codes.

CareCloud’s Key ICD-10 Updates:

  • Updated embedded clinical terminology set in CareCloud Charts powered by IMO Problem (IT). This includes step-by-step functionality to arrive at an ICD-10 diagnosis when specificity is required.
  • Built-in search capability to simplify ICD-10 code selection during charge entry. In addition to searching directly within the ICD-10 code set, clients will have the option to search for the ICD-10 codes related to a given ICD-9 code.
  • New billing edits that will reflect appropriate code combinations under ICD-10.
  • Validations to ensure that the code set used on a given claim aligns with the code set that the receiving payer is accepting at the time (ICD-9 vs. ICD-10).
  • Updates to EDI and HL7 formats to allow for delivery and receipt of ICD-10 codes
  • Addition of ICD-10 code set reporting capabilities in the Analytics app.
  • “Dual coding” capabilities: clients will retain the ability to submit ICD-9 codes to payers who are exempt from the ICD-10 mandate and do not make the switch.


Update Process

Our ICD-10 product updates are available to all CareCloud clients and our clients have the flexibility to choose when to start taking advantage of them. This flexibility allows clients to transition to ICD-10 on their own schedules–when they feel ready (before October 1st). As always, due to the cloud-based nature of our software, the updates became available automatically—there was nothing for clients to download, install, or set up in the office.

CareCloud did not and will not charge for software updates related to ICD-10. However, if a client requires unique additional services, there may be a fee associated with them.


To ensure the readiness of our ICD-10 capabilities and workflows across our applications, we initiated ICD-10 testing in Q1 2014. We participated in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) testing week in March 2014 on behalf of our clients. We tested the claims submission process for ICD-10 compliance with the CMS carriers with whom we work directly and achieved successful results. We again participated successfully in CMS testing during the designated testing weeks in April 2015 and July 2015. We continue to test with our clearinghouses on behalf of our clients.


We have developed and continue to execute a multi-faceted training plan for our clients. This includes monthly ICD-10 training webinars, detailed user guides, short training videos, and more. In addition, CareCloud has partnered with Precyse to offer clients discounted access to Precyse University, an industry-leading ICD-10 education solution for physician practices. Existing clients: learn more and sign up here.