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What happens when an Implementation Project Manager from a young growth medical tech company visits local college students in IT and office administrative roles?

They ask questions. Good ones.

First I explained how to integrate cloud technology into medical practices. Then I showed the Florida Atlantic University School of Business undergraduates a demo of how cloud software works.

Following the demonstration, they weren’t shy about wanting to know more. Their 3 main questions about cloud-based software were:

#1. Does it really check insurance eligibility automatically?

Answer: Yes. The system allows advanced auto eligibility checks and an on-demand option so medical

Kristin Miller photo

Kristin Miller, CareCloud Implementation Project Manager

groups can easily check eligibility and view benefits. These features also allow practices to greatly improve efficiency and first pass claim resolutions.

The American Medical Association estimates that switching to electronic data interchange (EDI) for health care eligibility checks can save the average physician $3,700 a year. These savings are compared with traditional, paper-based verification. Checking eligibility in advance electronically enables medical groups to know and collect each patient’s financial responsibility during the office visit, the AMA says.

#2. Are the clinical templates easy to customize?

Answer: Our clinical templates are quite customizable and offer multiple options for documenting findings. Most importantly, providers can use our structured data options, which meet both best practice recommendations for clinical documentation and help to streamline the note-taking process.

Templates not only save time and help with decision-making, but their ability “to build on previously acquired knowledge is important in a medical practice,” according to the Consumer Affairs expert guide on EHR Software.

The American Health Information Management Association HIMS says in their Best Practices for EHR Documentation “Documentation templates can play an important role in improving the efficiency of data collection, ensuring all relevant elements are collected in a structured format.” Practices can save time by building templates for frequently used forms, such as school health forms, “so you can complete the forms quickly and easily,” recommends.

#3. How do you access key analytics and generate reports?

Answer: Cloud-based systems permit access to important practice performance numbers from any device 24/7 using a secure Internet connection. CareCloud offers very user-friendly healthcare analytics. Our Advanced Analytics make it easy to access and visualize the information practices need to run their businesses efficiently. This empowers medical groups to identify areas of strengths and weakness in a way that is both fun and easy-to-use.

A large physician group in New York, Westmed Medical Group, attributes their impressive growth and financial gains to their focus on analytics. The group grew from 16 physicians in 1996 to more than 250 in 2014. During this time, annual revenue grew to $285 million. “The fundamental nature of our management strategy is that we do not tell doctors what to do — we show them what we are doing,” CEO Simeon Schwartz, MD, told Healthcare Finance.

At CareCloud, we believe in getting and staying involved in our local South Florida community. This wasn’t our first outreach to nearby college students. Read the Q&A with our Implementations Manager Michael Pepe to find out what happened the first time we talked healthcare IT to FAU students in 2014.

I’d like to extend a special ‘Thank You!’ to Amy Haulk, R.N., FAU’s Clinical Coordinator, who helped make the event interactive and fun.

Want to see your own CareCloud demo? Learn how a cloud-based EHR seamlessly interfaces with powerful practice management software.

Author Bio
Kristin Miller is an Implementation Project Manager in the Professional Services Department at CareCloud. She helps medical groups of all sizes experience a smooth transition to modern, cloud-based software and medical billing services.

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