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South Florida continues to grow as a hub for health care technology. This is creating a community of entrepreneurs poised to improve physician decision-making, patient engagement, business profitability and more for years to come.

Pictured (left to right): Daniel Cane, Maxine Martell, Nick Zaffiris and Carlos Migoya. Photo courtesy Gabriela Meira.

CareCloud recently sponsored an event with the CEOs of a rapidly growing health IT company, a major medical insurer, and a large public health system. Each enthusiastically shared their latest technology and vision in a sold-out, filled-to-capacity Wharton Club of South Florida panel discussion.

Highlights include:

* The Modernizing Medicine Electronic Medical Assistant app, schEMAThis app harnesses the power of IBM’s Watson cognitive computing to help physicians make clinical decisions at the point of care based on real-time, relevant evidence-based medicine.

“You can ask Watson a question, get [the highest probability] answer, and Watson will show you the citation in JAMA or The New England Journal of Medicine,” says Modernizing Medicine CEO and Co-Founder Daniel Cane. “Then, with one touch, that answer and citation is in the medical record.”

* ‘Big and smart data’ that provides physicians with comparative benchmarks on how they, their practice colleagues and thousands of other physicians using the Modernizing Medicine platform typically treat the same type of patient. “It’s so incredibly insightful,” Cane says. “Doctors who get visibility into what all their peers are doing and the outcomes … can make better decisions.”

* The Health4Me mobile app from UnitedHealthcare empowers patients to manage their own health care; predict cost based on their plan, deductible, and provider reimbursement schedule; and gives them the option to select a provider based on quality. “Health insurance and health care on a mobile device is something people want and want to see the system transform into … it’s been transformational,” says UnitedHealthcare of South Florida CEO Nicholas Zaffiris.

* The $830 million bond approved by South Florida voters to modernize Jackson Health System is poised to bring cutting-edge healthcare technology to more residents of Miami-Dade County. “We’re facing unbelievable pressures in the years ahead,” says Carlos Migoya, Jackson President & CEO. “There is a huge opportunity, and probably a huge risk, for innovators who have the expertise, the business plans, and the innovation to help hospitals overcome these challenges.”

In the private sector, venture capital investment in 2013 was $300 million in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, explains Maxine Martell, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania alumnus and organizer of the panel discussion. “Florida has developed a medical corridor” of institutions and companies, she says, each with a shared stake in the future of modern, efficient health care.

The University of Miami Health System and UM Miller School of Medicine also co-sponsored the event.