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The long-standing motto of Stanford University, coined nearly a century ago, is “Die Luft der Freiheit weht,” or “the wind of freedom blows.” In 2010, CareCloud rode into Silicon Valley on that very same wind to attend the AlwaysOn Summit at Stanford 2010, an annual technology conference that focuses on growth companies that are striving to disrupt the status quo through innovation. Founder and CEO Albert Santalo traveled to California to represent CareCloud at the event, which took place on July 27-29, and we’re very grateful for the entire experience.

alwayson event

AlwaysOn is an organization that promotes change and upheaval in established markets that have become stagnant. They have recognized CareCloud as a game-changing company with three different awards in the past, and their events feature some of the biggest names in technology, from CEO’s to venture capitalists and everyone in between. Some of the highlights included tech-heavyweights like Tony Perkins of AlwaysOn, Michael Arrington of TechCrunch, and the ever-entrepreneurial rapper Chamillionaire.

During the CEO Showcase sessions, Mr. Santalo spoke about the sad state of innovation in healthcare IT, and how CareCloud is leading the charge to change things for the better.


Thanks to the great folks at AlwaysOn, we were able to watch the showcase in real time and participate in a live discussion with everyone else that was watching. This was a great opportunity to interact with tech-minded people across the globe and answer their questions on the spot, which seemed to foster a keen interest in our company and our product. We hope these shared viewing experiences become more common in the future.

You can watch a recording of Mr. Santalo’s CEO Showcase in its entirety here.

In addition, here’s a quick video of an interview with Albert Santalo taken on the sidelines of the main event:

Overall, the Summit was a fruitful experience for CareCloud. Mr. Santalo demonstrated the great strides we’ve made in revolutionizing the healthcare experience to the tech community and the world at large.

We’re very grateful for all the positive feedback we received when we demo’ed our product. We also want to give a big shout to everyone we met with in Stanford – thanks for your time, hope to see you again!

Now we’d like to hear your thoughts. What did you think about Albert’s CEO Showcase? Let us know in the comments!