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Cloud software questions

What happens when an Implementation Project Manager from a young growth medical tech company visits local college students in IT and office administrative roles?

They ask questions. Good ones.

First I explained how to integrate cloud technology into medical practices. Then I showed the Florida Atlantic University School of Business undergraduates a demo of how cloud software works.

Following the demonstration, they weren’t shy about wanting to know more. Their 3 main questions about cloud-based software were:

#1. Does it really check insurance eligibility automatically?

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Improving Revenue Cycle Performance image

During the first run of the Improving Revenue Cycle Performance: Expert Insights webinar, Gene Boerger, VP of Product Innovation at Emdeon, and Patti Peets, Director of Revenue Cycle Management at CareCloud, shared a lot of expertise on improving medical group finances.

Register now for the ‘summer rerun’ of our popular RCM webinar and learn more.

For example, they explain how to keep more of your revenue given these industry challenges:

* ICD-10 billing and collections
* More high-deductible health plans on the market
* Patients becoming primary payers for their own healthcare

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Today, we’re proud to announce an exciting new partnership with CODeLLA, a tech entrepreneurship and coding immersion program for underprivileged Latina girls.

Lack of diversity in the startup and technology sector is a real issue. Biases against women and minorities hinder the potential we can achieve as innovators, builders, and market disrupters. At CareCloud, we are proud of the fact that we employ a diverse workforce, and we feel it’s our duty to make an impact in this area. Ultimately, our goal is to help spark a larger conversation around this topic.

CODEeLLA is an remarkable organization that hits at the intersection of these key issues. It provides a transformational opportunity for young girls by exposing them to real-world startups, female leaders, and a technology-oriented curriculum at a critical age in their development (8-12). By sparking early interest, they are laying a foundation for these young girls to succeed as software engineers and entrepreneurs.

CareCloud and CODEeLLA are creating a long-term relationship that will include mentorship programs with our female engineers and designers, not only through the summer camp, but throughout the entire school year. In addition, we are donating whiteboards and laptops to the organization to ensure that these girls are given the proper resources to be fully immersed in the software development process.

Software has impacted almost every facet of modern life while becoming one of, if not the most, powerful mediums to ever emerge. The technology industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of our economy, with very few signs of slowing down. Thanks to organizations like CODEeLLA, girls are given the equal chance to succeed and thrive in the realities of this new, rapidly-changing world.

Cloud security blog post image

Recent cybersecurity events triggered the loss of patient, financial or organizational data for about 1 in 5 healthcare organizations, a new survey reveals.

Also, many healthcare leaders and information officers feel overwhelmed by the threats to their data. The 2015 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey shows 42% of 297 respondents believe there are too many emerging and new threats to track.

“The recent breaches in the healthcare industry have been a wake-up call that patient and other data are valuable targets and healthcare organizations need a laser focus on cybersecurity threats,” says Lisa Gallagher, HIMSS Vice President of Technology Solutions.

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In our series of video testimonials, we ask clients for direct feedback on how they use cloud based software and services. We also want to know if they recommend web-based software to other medical practices.

This time, we focused on their ‘user experience.’ Superior user experience (UX) is both a goal and a movement within the modern software industry. It goes beyond mere usability — it’s how a human feels when they use specific technology.

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Image of Collective IQ

Let’s face it. Medical billing is a complex process. Just staying on top of your accounts receivables, denied claims and all those specific payer rules remains a challenge.

But it’s not unbeatable. Knowing how to make the most of your medical billing software can be a great first step. This strategy can improve your practice’s financial health and place you among the more profitable medical groups.

Playing by the Rules

When you’re researching the best medical billing software, look for built-in rules that are continuously and automatically updated. Work smarter, not harder, and use these rules to your advantage.

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Catrina Carter blog photo CareCloud Review

As regular readers of this blog can tell you, we love to spend time with our customers to hear how they use our products to manage their busy days.

The more we get to know our customers’ needs, the more we can tailor our offerings to ensure we deliver value to medical groups of all sizes.

We recently gathered CareCloud users from the 100+ doctor group South Florida Medicine for an interactive User Group. During the day, we pulled a few people aside for a quick video interview — asking them how CareCloud helps them do their jobs better.

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Blog image ZocDoc figures and CareCloud screenshot

Healthcare technology should be open and integrated. That’s something we strongly believe at CareCloud. When we find other companies that believe it too, powerful partnerships are formed.

While we spend most of our time working to ensure physicians and their staff can make the most of their time and focus on patient care, ZocDoc puts “patients first” with its digital health platform. Each month, millions of patients use ZocDoc to find in-network doctors, instantly book appointments online, see what other patients have to say, get reminders for upcoming appointments, fill out their paperwork online, and more.

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Matt Nachreiner image for Q&A

It’s about time-saving convenience.

Many patients like the ease and simplicity of booking physician appointments online using ZocDoc. And for medical practices, ZocDoc offers more than the potential for increased business and awareness. When ZocDoc fully integrates with practice management software, a medical group can save substantial time and effort.

Time formerly spent on the telephone booking appointments — including all the messages and calls back and forth — can be focused on other essential practice tasks.

We recently spoke with CareCloud customers who ‘test drove’ the integration between ZocDoc and CareCloud. One of those clients is Matt Nachreiner of Sanova Dermatology in Austin, Texas. As Practice Administrator, Matt oversees all operations, including human resources, marketing, revenue cycle management and IT.

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CareCloud video graphic with picture of Kathy Charpentier

We like to check in regularly with the people who rely every day on our cloud-based practice management software, EHR system and revenue cycle management services. We take pride in helping them run their medical groups successfully.

Sometimes, our gracious clients let us film them providing their CareCloud reviews and feedback. There is nothing more valuable to us. It helps us continuously improve, innovate and move our product forward.

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