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As a Business Development Representative here at CareCloud, I answer many great questions about our medical practice software and services over the phone, by email and through real-time chat on

One question that I get all the time, and one of my favorites to answer is: What makes CareCloud different?

So here’s a quick look at what makes CareCloud unique:

* No requirement to buy an entire product line upfront. Need new practice management software? Great. Want to later add our certified EHR software and revenue cycle management services? That’ll work for us too.

photo of Betsy Coyle

Betsy Coyle, Business Development Representative at CareCloud since early 2014.

* Software that adapts to your workflow. CareCloud gives you more than one way to schedule a patient appointment, and you get to choose whichever way works best for you. Some vendors mandate one — and only one — way to navigate their system.

* U.S.-based Customer Support. We have nothing against international call centers. But sometimes it’s nice to get an answer from someone on the same continent.

* We’re proud of our beautifully designed and intuitive software. Want to learn why we’re committed to the user experience, starting with mobile devices? Read the popular Q&A with CareCloud’s VP of Design & Growth Marketing that explains it all.

* Transparent pricing. We offer multiple CareCloud pricing plans out in the open, right on the Internet. That’s not a typo. One word of warning: Don’t waste your time looking for additional charges and fees hidden in tiny type.

I hope these answers help when you’re ready to modernize your medical practice workflow and streamline your medical billing and claims services. Feel free to reach out and let us know if we can answer any additional questions.

You can also learn more on our Why CareCloud?’ page. Hear what our clients have to say after switching to CareCloud.

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