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Imagine a world where it becomes easy to get your claims right the first time – one where you spend less time re-working claims and stressing over payment delays. Imagine a solution that flags issues before a claim leaves your office, leading to better collections and cash flow and lower administrative costs. Imagine if you could subject your claims to this extra scrutiny without having to leave your practice management system.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our latest product, CollectiveIQ, our advanced collection of automated billing rules embedded in the CareCloud platform.

We know generating complete and correct claims can be tough. Guidelines vary from payer to payer and heavy workloads make staff vulnerable to inaccuracies. Practices need tools like CollectiveIQ to take the guesswork out of getting paid, so they can stop burning time and money reworking claims and fighting denials.

“Collective IQ will help practices and enterprises avoid the coding errors and billing oversights that hurt collections,” said Albert Santalo, CareCloud CEO and Chairman. “Our open platform allows us to bring together the best industry content and expertise into a single offering.”

Solutions like CollectiveIQ become even more vital in a healthcare landscape riddled by government reform. As the transition to ICD-10 looms, CareCloud CollectiveIQ users will have a powerful line of defense against future denials since CollectiveIQ draws from an extensive knowledge base—containing millions of Medicare and Commercial clinical coding edits—that has already been updated for ICD-10.

Check out the press release, or click here to read more about CollectiveIQ.

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