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Patient engagement is the new “it” term and if your practice is like others, you are taking a close look at what you can do to make the patient experience so great that it has patients  raving about your practice on Yelp and Facebook and sending family and friends your way.

There’s no shortage of technologies out there to help you give your front office a patient experience makeover. But are they really worth the investment…and the trouble of disrupting what’s already working? We get it, and agree that all practices should be skeptical, especially when it comes to technology that sits between a practice’s direct connection with its patients. So, what makes us think we can do better?

We introduced Breeze to medical groups last Fall and it is making a real difference — not in a “modest improvement” kind of way, but in a “game changer” kind of way. Ninety days in, here’s what the practices who were first out of the gate to use Breeze are telling us – and what their practice data is showing.

  • By providing a modern payment experience, Breeze is helping these practices increase collection rates on patient balances by an average of 5 percent — which represents a 3x return on investment in Breeze.
  • Breeze is saving an average of 10-15 minutes on check-ins for new patients.
  • Breeze makes the front desk more efficient, which will free up over one million minutes of staff time annually across these early adopter clients — time which staff can now use to assist physicians and support patients.

Of course, numbers are one-dimensional so we asked Dr. Rachel Glass  with South Georgia Primary Care to share her personal take on how its going with Breeze.

We’re blown away (no pun intended) by just how big an impact Breeze is making in our clients’ practices – and we know offices are still getting ramped up and not yet fully tapping the technology’s potential.

The engineers and product-eers at CareCloud are incredibly proud of the innovative technology they’ve built, but mostly they are proud of how Breeze is making medical practice staff lives easier and their practices healthier. One Breeze practice manager actually said,  “For the first time in forever I can finally take a vacation.” #Feels.

For a peek at what goes into taking a product like this from the whiteboard to the front office, check out this post by Breeze product manager, Sarah Hughes.

Ready to go paperless? You can watch a short video to learn more about Breeze or visit we’re posting real-time practice performance data from the first practices to adopt Breeze. There’s also this white paper on patient experience management that takes more of a strategic look at how this kind of technology aligns with revenue cycle, practice management and clinical workflows.

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