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Medical Technology Trends

Before most large medical practices find the best electronic health record system for their needs, they research many choices and find some discouraging up-front costs. However, the transition doesn’t have to be as complicated, costly and painful as it seems. Many medium to large medical practices find web-based EHR systems the perfect solution for their clinical […]

Even if Meaningful Use incentives do not drive your practice to adopt a new EHR, consider upgrading for patient satisfaction and engagement. Increased productivity, reduced costs, better care coordination – you probably know many of the EHR benefits from the provider perspective. But what’s really in it for your patients?

According to a 2013 eMarketer study, more than 60% of physicians scan social media on a daily or weekly basis to explore new health information, the majority reporting that  social tools have improved their delivery of care. While social media may never replace more traditional means of research and learning, it can be a valuable […]

Since the early 1970s, physicians have relied on computers to facilitate clinical care. Forty years later, their reliance on technology is even stronger. If 2013 was the year of the health app, what innovations should doctors expect to see in 2014? The following three are almost certain to make an impact on the way you […]