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Your specialty has unique needs for medical billing, practice management, and EHR solutions. While one-size-fits-all systems can leave you fighting your technology, we built our solution to be flexible and scalable enough to accommodate the specific needs of practices just like yours.



As the challenges of healthcare reform and administrative burdens continue to mount, it’s increasingly difficult for cardiologists to stay independent. That’s why you need simpler clinical and financial solutions to help you boost productivity, enhance profitability, and improve patient care. Cut down on paperwork and get back to practicing medicine with CareCloud.

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Family Practice

Family physicians are spending too much time creating patient notes, writing referrals, and dealing with tedious administrative tasks. Our smarter, faster, more intuitive software is built to work seamlessly with your family practice, making you more productive and profitable in the process.

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Internal Medicine

Streamline the clinical, financial and administrative tasks that are slowing down your internal medicine practice and making it difficult to stay independent. Our software and services reduce the daily burdens your practice faces to give you more time to see patients – improving productivity, profitability and patient care.

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