Physician Group Solutions

CareCloud’s web-based medical practice management software gives large doctor groups with multiple locations the connectivity of practices with a single point of care. Our scalable, HIPAA compliant software provides a comprehensive clinical solution that grows with your physician group, while keeping its costs down.

Features like multi-view reporting, decentralized patient scheduling, secure provider and patient portals, electronic health records, and comprehensive revenue cycle management will help your business reduce waste and increase profits.

Go Live in Less Time

CareCloud’s intuitive web-based practice management system makes training a breeze and our software takes the headache out of installation. Avoid the expensive and time-consuming task of hiring a team of IT experts to install, configure, test, run, secure and update your hardware and software with a solution that is stored in the cloud.

Unlike traditional client-side management systems that can take months to install and implement, your practices can be up and running in no time to prevent interrupting your cash flow and deliver you a faster return on investment. Cloud computing’s beauty is in its simplicity.

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Better Collaboration, Better Care

CareCloud’s web-based practice management system is accessible from any computer, on any browser and at any time, so offices in different locations can collaborate in real-time no matter how many miles are between them. Instead of relying on email, fax or other methods of communication that aren’t optimized for medical correspondence, physicians can chat and review charts easily, efficiently and safely to streamline the delivery of health care.

Removing redundancies in the flow of information will cut costs, reduce mistakes and improve patient outcomes. CareCloud’s web-based EHR and medical patient portal features will also allow patients to be actively engaged in their own healthcare experience – leading to healthier patients and happier providers.

Boost Profits Now

Streamline every aspect of your practice’s revenue cycle – from appointment scheduling to collections – to minimize labor costs and maximize profits with CareCloud Concierge. Our web-based medical billing software takes the headache out of getting paid with the industry’s most sophisticated claims management system, in-depth business intelligence and expert live support.

One CareCloud client averaged an additional $20,000 per month in reimbursements in the first six months of using the CareCloud system. With capital outlay at a minimum, medical groups will see return on investment much faster than with traditional enterprise software systems. Your business can become more profitable almost immediately.

Analyze. Audit. Prosper.

CareCloud web-based healthcare analytics makes it simple for your large doctor group to organize and present data in detailed, easy-to-read charts and graphs. Get real-time and historical data with point-and-click customized reports that will make forecasting, auditing and optimizing easy.

Break down data by individual practice or get a complete overview of your business anywhere you are with CareCloud’s secure web-based practice management system. With up-to-the-minute data on performance patterns and emerging trends, you’ll be able to optimize operations and maximize profits.