Sharing is Caring

CareCloud has created a digital healthcare ecosystem where everyone in healthcare can transact on a business level and interact on a human level. This digital healthcare ecosystem is intended to give patients, payers and providers the means to exchange digital information quickly, a capability that is desperately lacking in the current state of healthcare software.

While healthcare is often referred to as a singular entity, it is actually made up of a very fragmented assortment of isolated players with limited interaction through inefficient forms of communication. Providing the highest level of patient care requires doctors, patients, payers, labs and pharmacies to have the ability to effortlessly communicate in real time. This is why healthcare needs the ecosystem.

Strength in Numbers

With improved information flow, previously isolated individuals can interact in a meaningful way, exchanging information for mutual benefit. Cooperation between these distinct components promotes sustainable growth as more participants emerge from isolation to embrace the benefits of the ecosystem.

CareCloud’s digital healthcare ecosystem is able to harness the collective intelligence of its many participants for the benefit of all. For example, our advanced rule-based intelligence system compiles claim denial information by aggregating data from unrelated physicians and practices across the entire system to reduce denial rates for everyone in the ecosystem. Each participant both contributes and benefits from being connected.

Connect the Docs

We are building a digital community that can connect providers to each other, enabling them to transfer, share and access EHRs, conduct referrals, and even compare performance analytics quickly, conveniently and securely.

Our platform allows physicians and patients to exchange information along dedicated and safe channels. As these individuals become more engaged and dependent on one another for continued well being, the days of isolated, inefficient health care will become a thing of the past. Welcome to the healthcare ecosystem.