Healthcare Analytics By CareCloud

Analytics Boost Profits

Running a more profitable practice starts with powerful healthcare analytics. Our advanced healthcare analytics software gives you easy-to-read self-populating graphs, charts and reports that make forecasting, auditing and optimizing easy.

Stop making critical financial decisions without the best information available with our healthcare analytics dashboard. With access to real-time and historical data, you can analyze key business metrics to optimize your practice’s performance and improve profitability.

Healthcare Analytics Made Simple

CareCloud healthcare analytics makes it easy for you to organize and present data in detailed, easy-to-read charts and graphs. Healthcare reports can be run in multiple timeframes and formats giving you a detailed or summary view for recent or long-term data analysis.

CareCloud’s innovative healthcare analytics software allows for on-the-fly, point-and-click customization of healthcare reports, so you can get a clear view of your practice’s performance and fine-tune your workflow to maximize productivity and profitability. Better business intelligence leads to better decisions, which will increase revenue.

Healthcare Analytics Dashboard

Business Intelligence that Travels

Whether at home, at the office or on the go, you’re always a few clicks away from your central intelligence headquarters. Review your healthcare reports through CareCloud’s secure cloud-based system and get real-time data on performance patterns to track emerging trends instantly.

Reports can be rendered and exported in multiple formats (PDF, CSV or XLS) to provide smoother search, storage and review of reports with a single click of the mouse. View your business how you want, anywhere you are.

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True Transparency: Audits & Internal Controls

One major financial risk for medical practices is embezzlement. CareCloud’s introspective healthcare analytics give you the visibility you need to prevent employee misconduct, help you identify inaccurate accounting and dramatically reduce the likelihood of embezzlement.

Secure role-based access restrictions flag and assign errors to the corresponding user account, creating a system of accountability that promotes administrative responsibility. CareCloud’s proactive tools begin with account specific error flagging, which automatically checks for syntactical errors, inaccurate data input and other mistakes to reduce the probability of everything from denials to embezzlement. Total transparency is essential for maximum profitability.