10 Frequently Asked Questions About CareCloud

Here is our FAQ list of the most common questions we get about CareCloud. If you still have questions, you can always chat with us or schedule a demo to learn more!

1. How long does it take to implement CareCloud?
Typically, implementation takes a few weeks between sign-on and go-live. This can vary depending on the size of the practice, but our cloud-based software makes the transition smooth to avoid disrupting your business. The implementation cycle is significantly shorter and less costly than client-server models, which require installing hardware, software and days of expensive training.

2. How much training is there?
Our system is so intuitive and user-friendly that most people are able to start using it almost immediately. We have numerous video tutorials on specific features, various live training options and a vast library of resources to make it easy to learn the system in a way that fits your schedule.

3. How much of an initial investment is required?
There are no servers to purchase, no software licenses to buy and, best of all, no IT guys to pay, so the up-front cost of activation, implementation and training is a fraction of in-house systems.

4. What kind of computer do I need?
You can use a PC, Mac or almost any other computer to access CareCloud. All you need is an Internet connection and any web browser to log in to your account. Even other cloud-based systems often aren’t “truly cloud” because they only work on Internet Explorer or a Windows OS. Our system is completely browser and computer independent, so it accommodates the way you want to work.

5. Does CareCloud work with my dictation software and specialty-specific EHR?
Yes, we are able to integrate with your current EHR and we work with Dragon and other dictation tools.

6. Is support based in the US?
Yes, our technical and client support is based in the US and available via phone, email and chat. You won’t be stuck on hold for hours or frustrated with confusing automated answering systems.

7. Does CareCloud own my data?
Although CareCloud hosts your practice data, you retain full control over it. You can access it at any time and, should you choose to stop using CareCloud, you can take it with you.

8. What if the Internet goes down?
We recommend backing up your network with an inexpensive router and 3G or 4G cellular connection. It’s a small but critical investment to ensure your practice stays online even if the Internet goes down.

9. Is CareCloud prepared for upcoming coding changes?
Our cloud-based software allows us to upgrade and adapt to all upcoming changes in coding, reporting and governmental requirements. Our clients will receive the latest updates automatically, so they can stay current without additional cost or hassle on their end. Other vendors charge for software updates that require interrupting your business or staying after hours to install. You can just show up in the morning and know you are on the latest version of the software available.

10. Is CareCloud HIPAA compliant?
Absolutely. CareCloud takes data security very seriously. We protect your data with 256-bit SSL encryption in maximum-security data centers.

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