Patient Portals: The Network Effect

Imagine a world where every doctor, pharmacy, lab, payer and patient is able to communicate in real time for faster, more effective health care. CareCloud’s medical software suite makes that healthcare dream a reality through an innovative web-based healthcare social network platform, secure physician and patient portals, and a completely ubiquitous user interface. Increased collaboration will improve continuity of care and lead to better outcomes. CareCloud is enhancing health care by connecting it with web-based physician and patient portals.

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Connect Providers

Physicians need the ability to access, share and review patient records, reports and data securely to increase the speed at which services are rendered and medications are delivered. Linking physicians across the country will be as simple as the click of a button, so collaboration will be simple and diagnoses will come at lightning speed.

A study conducted by Manhattan Research shows that 71% of U.S. physicians are interested in or already use healthcare social networks. Physicians are realizing the value of exchanging clinical information and now they can do it in a secure environment with the CareCloud platform. Health care just got faster and more effective.

Engage Patients

CareCloud connects providers to their patients for a more complete physician and patient portal. Studies have shown that patients engaged in their health care and planning have better outcomes. Our web-based patient portal gives physicians and nurses the ability to chat with patients in real time, discuss symptoms and determine what steps should be taken next from scheduling a patient appointment to ordering medication with just a click.

After patients join your practice on Community, CareCloud’s patient portal, they can even receive test results in the blink of an eye – no phone calls necessary. With a direct line to your patients, you can streamline communication to enhance the patient experience and improve the quality of care.

Secure Collaboration

Collaborating on the CareCloud healthcare social network network allows physicians the ability to interact with anyone on the network in a secure environment. CareCloud is 100% HIPAA compliant and we protect electronic data against unauthorized retrieval with 256-bit SSL file encryption – twice the level mandated by the government. The integrity of your data is of the utmost importance to us, so we’re constantly upgrading our security systems to prevent data breaches.