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So many tools to increase practice profitability exist in the current health IT marketplace – some practices just may not be aware of them. Conversely, other practices haven’t had time to learn new ways of using older solutions they’ve already integrated.

Whatever the issue may be, CareCloud is here to help. We’ve teamed with Rosemarie Nelson, a renowned MGMA healthcare consultant, to teach your practice to optimize the use of your EHR and medical billing software to increase revenue.

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You know times have changed when your 10-year-old vlogs to thousands of his followers from his cell phone, or twentysomethings buy each other drinks via some mobile app, without ever talking to a bartender.

Your version of these capacities means no more x-ray hunting or prescribing a patient’s medication without ever picking up a pen. And we’re sure you’ve considered what you do and don’t like about EHRs or cloud computing, but have you considered the ups and downs of the How Technology behind it all?

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November is Diabetes Awareness Month in the United States and with good reason – the ailment affects nearly 24 million Americans, a number including forty-one children diagnosed with type 1 daily.

And since South Florida is an area of concentration for the disease, there is no shortage of influencers working hard to raise awareness and push individual care-taking, particularly with chronic diseases like diabetes.

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There tends to be a stereotype associated with doctors and money. Most people you ask will tell you, assume, really, that doctors are well off by default, or that all physicians are, well, rich. However, like any profession, this isn’t always the case.

Therefore, since the electronic health records market continues to boom, and it’s never a bad thing to seek out additional ways to put money in your pocket, we thought it’d be helpful to dig into ways that physician practices can use an EHR to boost their profitability. Here are five tips to help you understand how an EHR can contribute to bottom line growth.

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Thanksgiving is a time for you to rejoice, and perhaps even reserve a little quiet time for introspection and meditation. You deserve the ME time.

This never happens, naturally. Your kids, your siblings’ kids, cousins, aunts, your parents and other stressed adults are running rampant ’round the house like they were actually hunting the turkey as you chase them with a bottle of Windex and roll of paper towels.

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we at Power Your Practice have been reflecting on what the holiday means to us and things we should be thankful for – health, our families and friends, and, um, higher page views and more email newsletter subscriptions?

In all seriousness, we’ve taken a look at some of 2012’s large-scale announcements, trends and innovations and singled out the ones we think you should be most thankful for. A toast to you all, friends.

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So, a few of us here at the CareCloud offices – 18 of us, to be exact – decided to participate in the Movember initiative. Our individual habits vary: some of us stare at our reflection when passing tinted windows, others make their mustache hair touch their noses whenever possible.

But one thing is true: our mustaches have come to represent a sign of solidarity. Not simply for fellow coworkers, either, but for the fight against prostate cancer and other important men’s health issues. We’ve been fundraising on our own, mostly asking friends and family via social media, and we’ve done quite well.

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A number of professionals will get back to you on answers to certain questions – consultants of various sorts, lawyers, general contractors and even accountants. Don’t be surprised if they bill you by the hour, either.

However, because of the urgency of the occupation, physicians must make critical decisions on the fly at the point-of-care (POC), meaning data entry during the patient encounter. But doctors all-too-often don’t have the relevant data to come to the most informed conclusion.

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Another week, another dollar. Two days off and we get back to the hustle. On Sunday, you get your meds ready, in case you’re stuck with a case of the Mondays.

Until you remember that next week is Thanksgiving and you have two federally-mandated holidays to fully enjoy. Power Your Practice will do the same this year, meaning next week will only feature two articles. We guarantee they’ll make up for it, though.

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