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CareCloud cares about client success

Members of the Client Success team at CareCloud. Photo © Natalia Molina.

If you’re a doctor or practice manager, ‘customer success’ means working toward the best patient experience possible. Sounds great, but do you sometimes feel that’s easier said than done?

What’s it really like for someone to come to your medical group? Beyond the actual treatment, how does the whole visit feel for them?

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mobile apps for doctors increasing

Expect to do more ‘on-the-go’ in 2015? You’re not alone – this year mobile healthcare tech will continue its meteoric rise in importance, impact, and impressive growth, experts predict.

The number of mobile health apps – currently an estimated 100,000 — doubled from 2012 to 2014, according to an mHealth App Developer Economics study. Going forward, the same report predicts the $4 billion global health and fitness mobile app market will grow to $26 billion by 2017.

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