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Recently CareCloud launched its newly designed corporate website,, to drive better interaction with medical providers looking for information on the Company’s cloud-based products, as well as overall communication of its brand. features a new innovative design that makes it easier for medical providers to find the information and industry insight they need to streamline their medical practices and boost profitability.

How can innovative web design facilitate all this? The CareCloud Blog spoke with Mike Cuesta, CareCloud’s Director of Design & Community, to find out.

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Haven't Attested for Meaninful Use

We know you’re busy addressing the multiple challenges medical practices face — treating patients, managing medical billing, maintaining practice profitability, and more — all within the limited number of hours in your day.

If other priorities took precedence and you still have not attested for Meaningful Use, you’re not alone. We hear that a number of eligible providers did not meet the October 1, 2014 deadline for Stage 1 Meaningful Use/Year 1.

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Primary care practices moving from paper to electronic health records can see a positive return on investment in 10 months on average, according to a new study from McGill University researchers.

Adopting a shiny new EHR is not enough, however. It’s how a practice uses the technology to improve workflow and processes that makes a difference, Yeona Jang, MSc, MBA, PhD and colleagues report.

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Gastroenterology profit

You’re dealing with all the acute challenges of gastroenterology practice — declining reimbursements, patient scheduling across care sites, and ever-increasing demands on your time — leaving you little time to focus on your practice’s immediate and long-term profitability.

Consider the following 3 signs you may be missing opportunities to raise profitability, revealed in a new CareCloud report:

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