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In our series of video testimonials, we ask clients for direct feedback on how they use cloud based software and services. We also want to know if they recommend web-based software to other medical practices.

This time, we focused on their ‘user experience.’ Superior user experience (UX) is both a goal and a movement within the modern software industry. It goes beyond mere usability — it’s how a human feels when they use specific technology.

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Let’s face it. Medical billing is a complex process. Just staying on top of your accounts receivables, denied claims and all those specific payer rules remains a challenge.

But it’s not unbeatable. Knowing how to make the most of your medical billing software can be a great first step. This strategy can improve your practice’s financial health and place you among the more profitable medical groups.

Playing by the Rules

When you’re researching the best medical billing software, look for built-in rules that are continuously and automatically updated. Work smarter, not harder, and use these rules to your advantage.

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As regular readers of this blog can tell you, we love to spend time with our customers to hear how they use our products to manage their busy days.

The more we get to know our customers’ needs, the more we can tailor our offerings to ensure we deliver value to medical groups of all sizes.

We recently gathered CareCloud users from the 100+ doctor group South Florida Medicine for an interactive User Group. During the day, we pulled a few people aside for a quick video interview — asking them how CareCloud helps them do their jobs better.

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Healthcare technology should be open and integrated. That’s something we strongly believe at CareCloud. When we find other companies that believe it too, powerful partnerships are formed.

While we spend most of our time working to ensure physicians and their staff can make the most of their time and focus on patient care, ZocDoc puts “patients first” with its digital health platform. Each month, millions of patients use ZocDoc to find in-network doctors, instantly book appointments online, see what other patients have to say, get reminders for upcoming appointments, fill out their paperwork online, and more.

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As a practice administrator, you’re in charge of the day-to-day operations of your medical practice, but you also need to prepare everyone for big, long-term changes.

Chances are ICD-10 implementation is going to be one of the biggest unknowns you’ll face this year.

‘We hope they’ll delay it again,’ ‘We hope our doctors will be ready,’ or ‘We hope we can skip the whole ICD-10’ — that may have been your strategy so far. “But hope is not a plan,” says Dennis Flint of The Talon Group.

If you don’t feel prepared for October 1st, you’re not alone. So what’s the simplest and best way to move yourself, your providers and staff past ICD-10 procrastination?

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It’s about time-saving convenience.

Many patients like the ease and simplicity of booking physician appointments online using ZocDoc. And for medical practices, ZocDoc offers more than the potential for increased business and awareness. When ZocDoc fully integrates with practice management software, a medical group can save substantial time and effort.

Time formerly spent on the telephone booking appointments — including all the messages and calls back and forth — can be focused on other essential practice tasks.

We recently spoke with CareCloud customers who ‘test drove’ the integration between ZocDoc and CareCloud. One of those clients is Matt Nachreiner of Sanova Dermatology in Austin, Texas. As Practice Administrator, Matt oversees all operations, including human resources, marketing, revenue cycle management and IT.

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We like to check in regularly with the people who rely every day on our cloud-based practice management software, EHR system and revenue cycle management services. We take pride in helping them run their medical groups successfully.

Sometimes, our gracious clients let us film them providing their CareCloud reviews and feedback. There is nothing more valuable to us. It helps us continuously improve, innovate and move our product forward.

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Millions of patients use ZocDoc every month to find doctors and book appointments. Using ZocDoc’s website or mobile app, patients can see doctors’ available appointment times, book visits instantly, and make informed healthcare choices based on verified reviews. The greater convenience and speed with which patients can find appointments makes it no wonder that ZocDoc’s popularity continues to rise every year. For participating doctors, this has translated into immense growth, with ZocDoc providing a key source of new patients to help them fill their schedules and grow their businesses.

ZocDoc is doing for patients what CareCloud is doing for providers—bringing modern technology solutions to the healthcare experience. And, with CareCloud’s commitment to helping medical groups run more efficiently and profitably—while staying focused on patient care—a partnership with ZocDoc was a natural fit. It enables joint clients to attract new patients via ZocDoc, while accelerating overall productivity with CareCloud Central, CareCloud’s modern, cloud-based practice management (PM) solution.

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CareCloud and Emdeon recently brought together experts on increasing medical practice revenue for an informative webinar. Now available on-demand,  “Improving Revenue Cycle Performance: Expert Insights” includes a wealth of strategies and information, including key performance indicators medical groups should measure and monitor.

Presenters Gene Boerger, Senior Vice President of Product Innovation at Emdeon, and Patti Peets, Director of Revenue Cycle Management at CareCloud, answered attendee questions, including:

Q: You mentioned best practices around patient statements. Can you talk more about what those best practices are?

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Between 20% and 50% — by some estimates, that’s the percentage of waste from inefficiency in the U.S. healthcare system. Put in dollars, the Institute of Medicine estimates $765 billion (that’s with a B) or 31% of the $2.5 trillion U.S. health spending can be attributed to “excessive costs.”1

That’s a major problem. Duplicate, inefficient and costly care may not surprise anyone who’s been a patient and had the same tests repeated over and over by different providers.

So what’s a solution?

Technology could remove a lot of the inefficiency and waste in the system, industry experts said at the University of Miami LIFE 2015 Panel on Innovation Technology.

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