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Between 20% and 50% — by some estimates, that’s the percentage of waste from inefficiency in the U.S. healthcare system. Put in dollars, the Institute of Medicine estimates $765 billion (that’s with a B) or 31% of the $2.5 trillion U.S. health spending can be attributed to “excessive costs.”1

That’s a major problem. Duplicate, inefficient and costly care may not surprise anyone who’s been a patient and had the same tests repeated over and over by different providers.

So what’s a solution?

Technology could remove a lot of the inefficiency and waste in the system, industry experts said at the University of Miami LIFE 2015 Panel on Innovation Technology.

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The CareCloud team focuses all we do around ensuring the best possible user experience for our clients. This goal drives everything we do.

Direct feedback from our clients is the best way to ensure we’re achieving this goal. So we recently caught up with Gray Jernigan, Managing Director of Georgia Podiatry Inc., who tells what life is like since she chose CareCloud. Here’s the brief video:

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Two heads are better than one. You’ve heard the expression — it means two people working together tend to solve a problem better than either one could alone.

With this in mind, we’re joining two experts in one informative webinar on optimizing your revenue cycle management (RCM). Discover tactics from Gene Boerger, VP of Product Innovation at Emdeon and Patti Peets, Director of RCM at CareCloud.

Learn key strategies that more successful medical groups use to keep a greater percentage of their revenue. Importantly, our speakers will focus on practical tips you can implement to make a difference in the financial health of your medical practice today.

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Despite the challenges, interoperability of patient health records and other healthcare IT remains worth fighting for — physicians, consultants and health IT vendors agreed at the emerge Americas 2015 conference in South Florida.

A major theme crossed multiple days of the meeting: the status quo is no longer acceptable.

Health systems and healthcare IT vendors that store essential patient information in disparate, proprietary systems need to change their ways. More open communication and secure sharing of patient care information could improve patient care and reduce the significant inefficiencies from duplicate tests and procedures, experts on multiple panels said.

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Consumers are already starting to change the shape of healthcare through social media, online reviews and use of patient portals, but they’re expected to drive more and bigger changes soon.


Multiple forces will drive even greater engagement and influence going forward, industry experts revealed at the emerge Americas 2015 conference in South Florida.

These factors include:

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If you’re like most medical providers, implementing new EHR or practice management software is a big undertaking for your practice. My experience as an Implementation Specialist at CareCloud gives me unique insight into how to streamline the process. I help small, medium and large medical groups keep their projects on time and avoid any major surprises.

To experience a positive implementation too, start with these key steps:

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Recently migrated to a new practice management system?  Planning on making a move in the near future?  A lot can happen as you install new medical practice management software in your business, but one of the most crucial success factors is proper training.

Making sure staff is fully trained is of the utmost importance to getting the full benefits of a new system. From my experiences with implementing and developing training programs for medical groups, certain practices definitely make a difference in staff knowledge.

Tips for effective training include:

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‘Seeing is believing’ — you’ve probably heard this many times before. People tend to find concrete evidence more convincing. That’s been true for centuries — the phrase ‘seeing is believing’ was first recorded in 1639.

Here at CareCloud, we want to show you what makes us the most modern and intuitive software on the market. This includes Complete, our fully-integrated practice management and EHR solutions. Also, our focus on beautiful design and the user experience led to a Best Desktop EHR User-Friendly Interface/Ideal User Experience Software Advice award.

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As a Business Development Representative here at CareCloud, I answer many great questions about our medical practice software and services over the phone, by email and through real-time chat on

One question that I get all the time, and one of my favorites to answer is: What makes CareCloud different?

So here’s a quick look at what makes CareCloud unique:

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Although stopping short of naming names, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology released a report that charges many healthcare stakeholders with ‘information blocking.’ Some hospitals, providers and technology vendors, they say, intentionally act to prevent or discourage the appropriate exchange of health data between different systems.

At CareCloud, we applaud ONC’s move to call some industry players to task for restrictive data practices. We believe an open platform drives the greatest innovations in healthcare technology and the best outcomes for patients. In fact, it’s a core part of our mission:

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