CareCloud Makes it Easy

Our top priority is to make your practice more efficient and more profitable. We are able to achieve this by giving ease of use the same level of attention as software features, functions and technical standards. A better user experience means you save time, avoid frustration and prevent costly errors. With tools that make sense, you’ll see more patients and collect faster, period.

Built on the Cloud

The age of disks, manually installing software and bulky in-house client servers is over. CareCloud is built on the same modern technology that powers the websites you use every day, making it easy to adapt and evolve with the changing healthcare environment.
Built On The Cloud

Working on the cloud means automatic software upgrades, anywhere access and outsourcing the heavy lifting of your data protection to specialized experts. CareCloud offers stress-free security that ensures you can focus on your patients, instead of worrying about files, backups and servers.

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More Complete Software

CareCloud has created a digital healthcare ecosystem intended to give patients, payers and providers the means to swiftly and securely exchange data to streamline practice workflow. Unlike other solutions that cobble together disparate systems or force you to buy an “all-or-nothing” solution, CareCloud provides a fully integrated solution for clinical, financial and administrative management that seamlessly work together. You can purchase just our practice management software, an EHR or the full revenue cycle service – you decide what works best for your practice.

Cross Browser Functionality

At CareCloud, you work the way you want to work. We’ve built a cross-browser ecosystem, so your PM software and EHR will work on any browser — on your Mac or PC. Automatic updates give you the exact same experience anywhere you have access. So whether you’re using Chrome on your office PC or Safari on your personal MacBook, you won’t have to worry about how the software will react.
Cross Brower
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