Customize Your System, Your Way

What are the tools you use most often to run your practice? Software you use every day should conform to you, not the other way around. Envision a totally customizable dashboard where you can organize your schedule and the tools you use most to reduce mistakes, missed priorities and time wasted clicking back and forth between applications.
Customized Practice Management & EHR

Our web-based practice management software fully integrates your day-to-day functions and delivers data to your customized medical practice dashboard, giving you a complete bird’s eye view of your business. Organize your favorite tools, prioritize your day and streamline your workflow for a more efficient and profitable practice.

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Assign Individual Security Profiles

With CareCloud, your practice is able to assign different levels of clearance for each of your employees. Assigning tiered levels of duty-specific security clearance to persons in your organization makes it easier to prevent data breaches and faster to track down and contain breaches in the event they occur. It also helps prevent embezzlement and HIPAA violations because employees will only have access to information that directly pertains to their specific function.

Own Your Health Record Data

Own Your Data On The Cloud
Our duty is to host and protect your data, storing it in multiple locations within a maximum-security, HIPAA-compliant data center. Control over content, however, is decidedly yours. Access the information you need remotely and on-demand. The ability to export, transfer and download with zero risk is in your hands.

CareCloud makes it both simple and safe to collaborate on health records with staff members and even other practices to provide more comprehensive patient care.

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