The requirements to successfully form accountable care organizations require a more collaborative, patient-centered form of health care that puts an emphasis on outcomes. CareCloud gives providers the tools they need to connect, collaborate and report to effectively provide cost-efficient, comprehensive health care to patients.

CareCloud provides ACOs:

  • Robust care management system
  • Improved ability to manage high-risk populations
  • Complete integration with care providers
  • Full homecare integration
  • Increased patient access to primary care physician
  • Comprehensive reporting across the network

Connecting to the Cure

CareCloud’s cloud-based practice management, community and EHR tools give providers and patients the ability to communicate and collaborate in a secure environment. The results will be less wasted resources, increased speed of services and improved patient outcomes. Engaging patients in their health care is a win-win for patients and providers.

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Better Technology, Better Results

The Accountable Care Organization model is still evolving, so providers will need an IT solution that can change with new government requirements. CareCloud’s flexible, scalable software makes creating, growing and updating your Accountable Care Organization simple, fast and cost effective. CareCloud’s fully integrated practice management and EHR systems is the stress-free solution to the ACO’s complicated requirements.

Treat. Track. Report.

Promoting evidence-based medicine and patient engagement is at the center of the Accountable Care Organization model, making accurate reporting an essential element for success. CareCloud provides best-in-class healthcare reporting and analytics tools that are easy to use, understand and share.

Providers can monitor patient health, care quality and cost measures with a few clicks using easy-to-read charts and graphs. ACOs will be able to securely share data across the network and with Medicare to ensure meeting criteria for prompt payment.